The Amplification Project Highlights Popvox as a Tool to Increase Citizen Engagement and Bolster Digital Advocacy

Popvox is an incredibly useful site for anyone interested in public issues.

A key component of successful digital advocacy is providing opportunities to citizens to become engaged with campaigns on issues about which they care deeply.  In the Amplification Project Facebook Group last week, one of our supporters expressed that she is interested in education policy, and she wants information on when education bills are being voted on and which legislators must be persuaded. Popvox is a powerful tool for citizens to access this kind of information, and there are three main ways users can do this: on the Popvox website, through email updates and on Facebook.

Resources on the Popvox Website

The Popvox homepage is easy to navigate if you have a particular piece of legislation you want to follow. On the homepage, you are shown an easy three-step process Popvox uses:

1) Choose a bill.

2) Choose to support or oppose it.

3) Share your opinion with Congress and the world.

Popvox also has resources useful for those interested in connecting with organizations in their community through the organization directory. You can search advocacy organizations registered with the site by issue, and connect with them via social media or email to stay up to date on their campaigns. While Popvox’s website is aimed at federal legislation, connecting with individual organizations can help you stay connected at the federal, state and even municipal levels.

Popvox Weekly Email Updates are Great for Insight into the Legislative Process and Relevant Issues

If you are not committed to one particular issue, but you want to be informed on federal legislation broadly, then you should subscribe to the Popvox email alerts. Every Sunday, Popvox sends a weekly update summarizing what bills the House and the Senate are scheduled to consider in the coming week. This email also provides insight into support and opposition expected on each bill, and a brief synopsis of the bill itself. These weekly updates are highly recommended for anyone who is new to the legislative process.

Follow Popvox on Facebook for Daily Updates

For those who are familiar with the legislation in front of the House and Senate, and want to stay updated throughout the day, then the Popvox Facebook feed will be a useful tool. The Popvox feed reports on pending legislative moves in real time, so you know when a bill is being debated, when a committee is going to mark up a bill, and any other noteworthy moves are made. Additionally, the page features interesting graphs on the types of legislation that are up for the coming week, and what issues the Popvox community is most interested in.

As you can see, Popvox has valuable information for a broad audience. Visit their website, sign up for email alerts, or like their Facebook page to get involved. Also, feel free to read prior posts on the Digital Advocacy blog to learn about other ways to engage in policy discussions on Twitter or Facebook.

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