The Amplification Project Highlights the #KeepItReal Challenge as a Model for Digital Advocacy

The Keep It Real Challenge toolkit provides graphics for use in blogs and Facebook posts to raise awareness.

A collaborative effort of feminist organizations, including Miss Representation and SPARK a Movement, launched its 3-day Keep it Real challenge yesterday. The online campaign is aimed at pressuring women’s magazines to publish one unphotoshopped picture of a model each issue. The most exciting part of this campaign, from the digital advocate’s perspective, is the downloadable toolkit designed to guide campaign supporters in the digital advocacy process.

The Keep It Real toolkit empowers supporters

The Keep It Real toolkit offers valuable information to campaign supporters, and it is also an effective way to keep the digital advocacy effort focused. Not only is the toolkit smart from a strategy standpoint, but also the fact that it empowers women to advocate for themselves is consistent with the feminist ideals inherent in the Keep It Real Challenge. It is inspiring, and important, for digital advocacy groups to realize the power they have to embolden citizens to advocate for themselves.

Why this toolkit is so smart

  • Well-designed Facebook photos to share . The Keep It Real toolkit provides a poster to download and post to Facebook to raise awareness, as well as a photo designed for users to set as their cover photo on their wall for the duration of the campaign.
  • Twitter Hashtag and Handles for Day 1 of the campaign. The toolkit outlines that day 1 of the campaign was devoted to advocacy on Twitter. Sending Tweets to magazine editors was as easy as clicking the links provided in the toolkit.  The toolkit also suggested a #KeepItReal hashtag for supporters to use, as well as Twitter handles for key magazine editors.
  • Timeline for the campaign. The toolkit identifies specific actions to take on days 2 and 3 of the campaign. Day 2 is devoted to encouraging bloggers to promote the challenge and write about it, and as a #KeepItReal supporter you see that I have devoted today’s post to the campaign. Day 3 will focus on an Instagram effort to collect images from campaign supporters, with the #KeepItReal  hashtag. Participants are asked to take pictures of themselves, or friends, to portray “the essence of what beauty means to each of us”.
  • Key statistics and “Stat Cards.” Any good digital advocacy campaign is backed by data, so this feature is important (and the stat cards are visually pleasing too). It is important for Keep It Real supporters to be well informed about why photoshopped female images in magazines are problematic for young women. Bloggers and campaign supporters can easily cut and paste these statistics to social media accounts to raise awareness and make their case.

Ready to create your own toolkit?

If you have a campaign in mind, and you are already active on social media, it might be time for you to consider creating a toolkit to embolden your supporters. The Amplification Project works with advocacy groups that are excited about digital advocacy, and we look forward to working with you on crafting your own campaigns and toolkits when you need assistance.

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